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Financial Assistance

  • Tuition Waivers

    Tuition Waiver Form must be submitted to the graduate program coordinator by the following University required dates: August 20 (for Fall consideration), January 20 (for Spring consideration) or May 20 (for Summer consideration). No tuition waiver applications will be accepted after the University deadlines.

    Students can find additional information on graduate tuition waiver, diversity tuition waiver and international graduate tuition waivers on the Graduate School Tuition Waiver site.

  • Assistantships

    Assistantships are for students admitted and enrolled in the MS in Agriculture program. Graduate Assistants get tuition waivers, however, they still pay fees.

    We offer a limited number of graduate assistants on a competitive basis. GRE test scores and previous academic achievement are important considerations in this review.

    Applications for assistantships are available on the Illinois State jobs website.

    Application deadline for Fall assistantships is March 31.